See Code Clearly

Clarify Core Concepts and Conquer Confusion

It's Time to Overcome Doubt and Reignite Your Passion

Let's learn to code!

1 - Find the enemy

Confusion is a monster that's killing your dreams

2 - Prepare your attack

Arm yourself with clarity and confidence

3 - Charge Ahead

Conquer confusion and see what you've been missing

Are you Ready?

It's time to leave the lies behind. Coding is not impossible. You're not stuck in your career. You can change your future.

It's time to be the hero of your own story and conquer the confusion that has kept you from living your dreams.

Imagine waking up tomorrow in your new career with a wealth of knowledge and a sense of purpose. You're not as far from that dream as you might think.

You want to code because you know you can be good at it. You know you've got what it takes. You just haven't received the support you need.

I've been there, feeling defeated and confused. Only when I clarified the core coding concepts did I find a way to conquer the confusion and start to code confidently. Now it's your turn.

What most people do now is leave this website without committing to changing their future. You're at the same crossroads. You can take the road you've always taken or choose a new road.

What if you made a commitment today to do things differently than you've always done them? If you don't change now, where will you be in a year? What will you have missed out on?

Now's your chance. Let's learn to code with clarity and confidence!

Your Instructor


Defeated by more coding concepts than he could count, Barrett decided he'd had enough. He challenged the confusion that had kept him from his dreams and he discovered a path to victory. Now he's ready to guide you through that same fight. Armed with clarity and confidence, you'll conquer confusion and become the coding guru you always wanted to be!